• Home Staging Services

    Home Staging is a proven method that sells a home for 20% higher and 83% faster compared to un-staged homes.

    The Benefits of Home Staging

    Did you know that a vacant home could sit on the market 2 to 3 times longer than an occupied home? As a prospective buyer enters your home, it’s important to have them connect with the home on an emotional level. With our years of experience, having staged numerous homes throughout South Florida, we understand what buyers are looking for.

    Key Room Vacant Staging

    Focusing on the "heart" of the home; Palm Beach Staging and Designs will stage the living room, dining room, kitchen, kitchen eat-in, master bedroom, master bathroom and all powder rooms.

    Entire Vacant Home Staging

    Full Home Staging: Providing the warmth throughout the entire home.

    Pricing: Pricing for either "key room staging" or "whole home staging" will vary depending on the size of the rooms and the number of furniture and accessories needed.

    Occupied Homes

    Occupied Homes: If the home is currently occupied, we are proud to offer a minimum 1 hour consultation to discuss what opportunities and services are available. Cost $125.00